Influence marketing has quickly become one of the best levers for companies seeking to gain visibility and notoriety on the internet. At the center is the “influencer”, the new brand ambassador who has become a staple in communication strategies.

Thanks to influencers, companies can significantly increase their sales in a very short time. What are the major changes to expect by 2020? What does this mean for advertising agencies?  

Influence marketing is opening up in all areas of activity

With a budget invested multiplied by 10 in just three years, marketers have understood that using this strategy increases customer conversion and visibility of brands. Nearly 67% of specialists say that influence marketing positively impacts their ROI.

Thanks to the emergence of a generation of thematic influencers (bloggers, Instagrammers & Youtubers popular on social networks), influence marketing favors the reach of a more targeted, more engaged audience, able to be easily transformed into consumers. All topics can be covered by influencers.

As a result, influence marketing is opening up today in all areas of activity: both for B2C and B2B brands.

Some examples of topics covered nowadays by influencers:

B2C topics 

    • Luxury
    • Fashion
    • Lifestyle
    • Music
    • Food
    • High-tech
    • Sport

B2B topics

    • Business intelligence
    • Innovation
    • Industry
    • Consulting
    • Technologies
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • Learning
    • Banking

Some examples of B2B influencers include:

    • Executives: CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CTIos
    • Consultants
    • Media
    • Industry analysts covering specific operational areas.

Estimated at $4.4 billion in 2017, the influence marketing market is expected to be worth $10 billion by 2020.

The 3 major changes expected by 2020

Influence marketing market growth 

    • Democratization and legitimacy of influence marketing 
    • Increased budgets invested by advertisers
    • More opportunities for influencers
    • More campaigns
    • A more regulated and transparent ecosystem

More opportunities for agencies

    • Agencies will increasingly support brands in implementing their influence  marketing campaigns
    • The quality of campaigns and influencers will take precedence over the quantity
    • Influencers will become more long-term partners
    • The abusive exploitation of big influencers will favor the demand of micro-influencers (hundreds of thousands of micro-influencers create content every day)

Professionalization by technology

    • Development of better tools regarding campaign management, for agencies and brands
    • Towards more requirements to optimize the monitoring and the measuring of ROI
    • Unification of marketing/sales influence models
    • Scaling and automation of processes

Advertising agencies must initiate change now

There is nothing constant except change. The media industry is changing rapidly – in 5 years it will be very different. Agencies that offer solutions to help their clients know that their relevance depends on the services they can offer.

Influence marketing is undoubtedly the go-to-strategy, but that implies a deep introspection for agencies as part of their future reinvention. In fact, they have to be realistic if they want to stay on the course and continue to offer significant value to their customers, especially with influence marketing.

Faced with the many challenges they face, agencies must evolve. It’s about their competitiveness and their usefulness. Using only the web giants for native display purchase or using Influencers’ Platforms for buying native content is no longer a source of long-term profitability.

Agencies must now find an alternative

The good news? It’s not as complicated as they think! Influence marketing services can be easily integrated or developed into an agency’s offer. To take a step ahead in offering the best influence marketing services to their customers, advertising agencies must take a deep and close look at new technologies like FameUS that can help them to provide the best service to their customers.

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