There are several economic actors in the world of influence marketing, but all the activity of the advertising universe is mainly organized around the work of brands & advertising agencies. A brand takes the initiative to set up an effective influence marketing campaign, allowing his company to achieve its objectives. A brand can launch the influence marketing campaign on his own or collaborate with an advertising agency. Here is why advertising agencies are always the ultimate intermediaries between brands and influencers. 

The role of advertising agencies

Today there are so many different communication channels that advertisers (brands) often use the expertise of advertising agencies to help them make their purchases of advertising space. In short, advertising agencies always had the role of buying visibility for brands. 

With the arrival of influence marketing, brands and agencies have begun to turn to dedicated platforms to buy visibility from influencers. These Influence Marketing platforms centralize most of the big influencers and act as a kind of “marketplace” between brands and influencers. These Influence Marketing platforms are especially aimed at brands and are increasingly playing the role of an advertising agency, stealing real agencies’ work. Advertising agencies are therefore losing market shares because of these Influence Marketing platforms with often dubious practices.

Influence Marketing platforms: advertising agencies’ competitors

Today, there are multiple Influence Marketing platforms. However, through these platforms dedicated to brands, it is up to publishers to sell themselves or to brands to find the right broadcast networks. These platforms work with a reverse auction system (it is up to the publisher to choose its price and the platform to sell it). There is therefore low automation of the price set for an ever greater opacity for advertisers. The problem is that advertising agencies generally use the services of Influence Marketing platforms, which themselves offer agency-type services!

When they use an influence marketing platform on their own, most brands neglect the added value they must bring to their influencers or their community. Plus, brands have the choice of influencers, so they always take the biggest ones. Agencies exist to provide their expertise and guide brands in their strategy. In short, they help brands find the ideal influencers and manage campaigns. 

By using these platforms, agencies are promoting and funding their own competitors by allowing these platforms to reach more and more brands. These platforms allow brands to internalize the influence campaign management process. In addition, these platforms also are 100% digital agency specialized in influence marketing, which once again has the effect of stealing market share from agencies.

Micro-influencers: bet on the future

The Influence Marketing market is growing strongly and is not leaving agencies alone. Indeed, 70% of the influencers are micro-influencers (between 1k and 50k subscribers). Despite the advertising potential of these growing audiences, it is almost impossible for them to collaborate with brands and monetize their audiences. That’s how 88% of influencers continue to practice their passion as a secondary activity. A financial windfall that is of little interest to major Influence Marketing platforms.

Thanks to a new disruptive technology, advertising agencies can now exploit this market opportunity by reorganizing the micro-influence offer to sell their advertising space directly to brands. Here’s how using FameUS: 

It is the first solution designed exclusively for publishers & their advertising agencies.With FameUS, you can know exactly how many users a brand can reach and engage through the posts of any influencers. It mean you can sell  campaigns with guaranteed performances to your customers before launching them.

With technology, advertising agencies can now sell native custom content campaigns (influence marketing campaigns) on a CPM basis to their customers. Here’s how using FameUS: 

Create your own network of influencers, easily

With FameUS, you can build or manage your own social pages portfolio by connecting or inviting publishers to connect the social pages you want to monetize.


By allowing them to connect all their social media channels, you get instant insights from the private API at a page level but also at each post format level. When you invite a publisher, he automatically get a free account linked to your agency’s account.


You can follow their activity at a page level but also the performances of any post format so that you identify in seconds which ones have the best performance to reach your customer’s goal. It means you can ensure performances to your customers without paid advertising.

The FameUS algorithm combines the exact prediction of organic performance with the most democratized ad buying model (CPM – Cost per Mille). FameUS allows agencies to face with the biggest challenge on this market: being able to sell influence campaigns using the right post formats charged at the right price. In short: better content distribution with guaranteed organic performances.

FameUS converts influencer post formats into a new potential revenue stream by predicting their future performances. It means agencies can sell content diffusion to their clients, on a CPM basis and with guaranteed performances.

Campaign management made easy

Being able to convert any social pages into an inventory of organic post formats whose you can predict the future performances is something unprecedented.

It allows you to identify how to publish content based on impressions or engagement performances, and thus drag them into an interactive media planning.

FameUS allows you to offer the same level of social performances to your customers without buying paid advertising, to increase your profit margin while still assisting your customers on the new digital practices. Finally, to give your customers a specific, available and captive audience.

Pricing & campaign validation

When drafting a campaign, once each format has been positioned in the media plan of the Campaign Manager, the involved influencers receive their allocated tasks and can accept it. You can see the overall campaign’s performances (total views, engagements, and impressions), assign a specific CPM on each format and then sell it directly to your client.

Automated reporting and real-time performance analysis

For total transparency, you can share a link allowing your client to follow the campaign in real time; from the media planning creation to the effective publication.

Why do advertising agencies need FameUS

Thanks to FameUS, agencies can sell influence marketing campaigns through organic contents without using external Influencer Marketing Platform.  They can sell Influencer campaign on a CPM basis.

Brands need their agency to use FameUS: Thanks to FameUS, a brand can now increase its real earned media value by using external audiences to grow its owned media value naturally. A brand can now be exposed without being considered as regular advertisement. A brand can see how people react during engaging content consumption instead of advertising media consumption. A brand can now buy organic content on guaranteed performances while using its advertising budget instead of the marketing one. A brand can validate and follow every aspect of the campaign in real time for total transparency

    Influencers need to connect with an agency on FameUS: Thanks to FameUS, they can work closely with agencies without being trapped among thousand of others publishers/influencers. Their content production and publication activity are being really valorized on all social networks. They can partner with top brands without having to approach them by themselves. They can access unique KPI’s and see what type of post they should focus on to beat the algorithm. They can invite and manage their teams to execute campaigns efficiently. They will receive a way more campaigns to execute than in any other Influencer Marketing Platform. Finally, they will be rewarded for what they really do: creating content.

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