The digital advertising market represents a global market of 150 billion dollars and has exceeded the 4.1 billion euros for France only in 2017. Here is how advertising agencies can reposition themselves in an evolving and ultra-competitive market environment.

Influence marketing: the go-to-market

Influence Marketing’s campaigns are increasingly integrated into brand communication strategies. Among the players in the influence marketing market, 100% digitalized agencies have developed proprietary technologies to identify and activate influencers, regardless of the campaign and corporate objectives. On the other hand, this service is offered directly to advertisers. As you will have understood, these platforms are directly the competitors of advertising agencies since they target their customers by allowing them to internalize the process.

Influence marketing key statistics: 

  • Native ad spends will account for 58.3% of the global digital advertising market worldwide or $32.9 billion in 2018.
  • Estimated advertising spend on social media was $41 billion in 2017.
  • By 2020, more than 75% of advertising revenues will come from mobile devices, 63.2% of which will be directly generated by native advertising.
  • More than 10,000 searches for “influence marketing” are done every month on Google, in the United States alone, a three-fold increase since early 2016. The marketing influence market is more than 91% owned by the agencies.
  • The digital advertising market represents a global market of 150 billion dollars and has exceeded the 4.1 billion euros for France only in 2017.
  • The global market for influence marketing will represent 5 to 10 billion dollars in 2020.

Agencies need their own platform

Agencies must always provide significant value to their customers. Formulating the right value proposition through influencer marketing can set them apart from the competition. To enable an advertising agency to create or develop an influence marketing offer, agencies must use a comprehensive tool for managing, planning, monitoring and monetizing influence marketing campaigns on social networks & influencer blogs. 

They must be able to organize and manage their own influence marketing platform and their own influencers network, in order to no longer be dependent on Influence marketing platforms, directly competitive with their business.

With FameUS, an agency can know exactly how many users a brand can reach and engage through the posts of any influencers. It mean you can sell  campaigns with guaranteed performances to your customers before launching them. Here’s how:

Create your own network of influencers, easily

With FameUS, you can build or manage your own social pages portfolio by connecting or inviting publishers to connect the social pages you want to monetize.


By allowing them to connect all their social media channels, you get instant insights from the private API at a page level but also at each post format level. When you invite a publisher, he automatically get a free account linked to your agency’s account.

You can follow their activity at a page level but also the performances of any post format so that you identify in seconds which ones have the best performance to reach your customer’s goal. It means you can ensure performances to your customers without paid advertising.

The FameUS algorithm combines the exact prediction of organic performance with the most democratized ad buying model (CPM – Cost per Mille). FameUS allows agencies to face with the biggest challenge on this market: being able to sell influence campaigns using the right post formats charged at the right price. In short: better content distribution with guaranteed organic performances.

FameUS converts influencer post formats into a new potential revenue stream by predicting their future performances. It means agencies can sell content diffusion to their clients, on a CPM basis and with guaranteed performances.

Campaign management made easy

Being able to convert any social pages into an inventory of organic post formats whose you can predict the future performances is something unprecedented.

It allows you to identify how to publish content based on impressions or engagement performances, and thus drag them into an interactive media planning.

FameUS allows you to offer the same level of social performances to your customers without buying paid advertising, to increase your profit margin while still assisting your customers on the new digital practices. Finally, to give your customers a specific, available and captive audience.

Pricing & campaign validation

When drafting a campaign, once each format has been positioned in the media plan of the Campaign Manager, the involved influencers receive their allocated tasks and can accept it. You can see the overall campaign’s performances (total views, engagements, and impressions), assign a specific CPM on each format and then sell it directly to your client.

Automated reporting and real-time performance analysis

For total transparency, you can share a link allowing your client to follow the campaign in real time; from the media planning creation to the effective publication.

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