Creating my own network of influencers

The main employers of influence marketing are advertising agencies (more than 90%) and few brands therefore advertisers. This may be a sign that companies still have too little control over the subject and therefore leave this mission to the agencies. Until today, advertising agencies bought advertising space on social networks for their customers on social pages & profiles owned by media and influencers.

Here why and how advertising agencies can easily create their own influencers & medias network to monetize these audiences. (more…)

influence marketing platforms

Becoming the ultimate intermediary between brands and influencers

There are several economic actors in the world of influence marketing, but all the activity of the advertising universe is mainly organized around the work of brands & advertising agencies. A brand takes the initiative to set up an effective influence marketing campaign, allowing his company to achieve its objectives. A brand can launch the influence marketing campaign on his own or collaborate with an advertising agency. Here is why advertising agencies are always the ultimate intermediaries between brands and influencers.  (more…)

custom content

Getting the most of the rise of native formats

With the arrival of social networks in 2008, Internet users began to discover new forms of content and no longer needed to visit websites to access them. Websites have seen their traffic halve and have become dependent on these new social platforms through which Internet users now use to discover and share content.

Here’s why “original content” has always been the “advertising of tomorrow” and why “custom content” is now the future of the native format.