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Advertising agencies: it’s time to shift

Paid Media’s shift to Earned Media is still relatively new. In an era where marketers are more and more internalizing their advertising processes and are continuing to use tactics and measurement instruments that do not correspond to the current reality of Internet & social media and customers behaviors, it’s time to develop skills that have not yet been enough mastered.

Here is what agencies need to understand and how to proceed if they want to stay in the game. (more…)

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Influence marketing: 3 major changes expected by 2020

Influence marketing has quickly become one of the best levers for companies seeking to gain visibility and notoriety on the internet. At the center is the “influencer”, the new brand ambassador who has become a staple in communication strategies.

Thanks to influencers, companies can significantly increase their sales in a very short time. What are the major changes to expect by 2020? What does this mean for advertising agencies?   (more…)