The main employers of influence marketing are advertising agencies (more than 90%) and few brands therefore advertisers. This may be a sign that companies still have too little control over the subject and therefore leave this mission to the agencies. Until today, advertising agencies bought advertising space on social networks for their customers on social pages & profiles owned by media and influencers.

Here why and how advertising agencies can easily create their own influencers & medias network to monetize these audiences.

It is not as complicated as traditional Influence Marketing platforms told you

Traditional influence marketing platforms have left agencies thinking that creating their own network of publishers or managing influence marketing campaign was complicated. In short: it was “better” for them to find influencers, buy space and manage campaigns directly from their platforms. But these platforms are for advertisers, not agencies. They offer brands to internalize the software to manage influence marketing campaigns themselves.

In fact, when they internalize the process, most brands neglect the added value they need to bring to their influencers or their community. How often is the activation strategy reduced to sampling, an invitation to standardized events or a sponsored post? 

Social networks have become a necessary point of entry for brands and influencers to occupy a growing place. Embodying a new way of interacting with audiences totally in tune with digital, influencers master the codes and know how to arouse the interest of consumers. But this logic has limits that brands must be able to understand to overcome them, and working with an advertising agency is the ultimate solution. 

Plus, influencer marketplaces generally tend to grade influencers or rank them. Avoid faulty campaigns by doing your own metrics research and a quick content review beforehand!

Advertising agencies know what they are doing

Advertising agencies work with brands to understand their goals, requirements, values, and other aspects that make them unique. This allows them to choose the right influencers and launch the right campaign for the brands.

Advertising agencies that provide influence marketing services already maintain a strong relationship with both brands and influencers. The agency’s relationship with the influencers is also a very important aspect that determines their effectiveness. The best influencers in any industry are becoming busier, with scores of brands eager to work with them. So the agency’s relationship with these influencers makes it easier for brands to connect and collaborate with them.

They connect brands with relevant influencers

Finding the right influencer for a brand is not a so long, time-consuming process if you try to do it all by yourself. Influencer marketing agencies are already connected with the best influencers in different niches. So they can find the most relevant, effective influencers for you. And they can do so in much less time. They also have a very good understanding of every individual influencer’s strengths, talents, and audience.

Finding influencers

In order to identify the perfect influencers for your customer and topic, top significant criteria to find them are both qualitative (industry, languages, geography,…) and based on metrics (engagement rates, traffic history, …).

You should first ask yourself what kind of influencers you’re looking for. Most of the time, brands are looking for several top 5% influencers, but nowadays they charge a lot and their performances regarding the brand objectives are not guaranteed. Others agencies prefer to activate dozens or hundreds of power-middle influencers or micro-influencers. 

Volume is key, but it isn’t everything. Some influencers will have no impact on your conversion goals, whichever they may be. Make sure analyses, not just the community sizes, but also engagement rates, and their evolution through time. A tool like FameUS can help your agencies to get these insights in seconds when recruiting influencers into your agency’s account. 

You can use most common search engines to find influencers. Go to Google or another search engine and look for influencers in your niche using keywords. Use the same process to browse through a targeted channel (e.g “site:instagram.comfashion”). Identify the influencers that are the best fit for your campaign, manually export their profiles on an excel file and then search for their contact information or contact them directly on the concerned social network. Most of the time, they provide their pro email address. 

You can also leverage existing lists from reputable sources via Google Search. Though this may seem like a redundant first step on how to find influencers, there are a few tips that can make a standard Google search yield impressive results. First, dial in your search terms. Instead of searching “top Instagram accounts,” try searching “top Instagram accounts fashion beauty.”

The last step is monitoring the performance of your campaigns so you can reactivate the best performers for your future programs. All of this hard work will serve no purpose if the platform you go for doesn’t allow you that level of understanding.

For all the following steps, you can use a solution like FameUS.

Create your own network of influencers, easily

With FameUS, you can build or manage your own social pages portfolio by connecting or inviting publishers to connect the social pages you want to monetize.


By allowing them to connect all their social media channels, you get instant insights from the private API at a page level but also at each post format level. When you invite a publisher, he automatically get a free account linked to your agency’s account.

You can follow their activity at a page level but also the performances of any post format so that you identify in seconds which ones have the best performance to reach your customer’s goal. It means you can ensure performances to your customers without paid advertising.

The FameUS algorithm combines the exact prediction of organic performance with the most democratized ad buying model (CPM – Cost per Mille). FameUS allows agencies to face with the biggest challenge on this market: being able to sell influence campaigns using the right post formats charged at the right price. In short: better content distribution with guaranteed organic performances.

FameUS converts influencer post formats into a new potential revenue stream by predicting their future performances. It means agencies can sell content diffusion to their clients, on a CPM basis and with guaranteed performances.

Campaign management made easy

Being able to convert any social pages into an inventory of organic post formats whose you can predict the future performances is something unprecedented.

It allows you to identify how to publish content based on impressions or engagement performances, and thus drag them into an interactive media planning.

FameUS allows you to offer the same level of social performances to your customers without buying paid advertising, to increase your profit margin while still assisting your customers on the new digital practices. Finally, to give your customers a specific, available and captive audience.

Pricing & campaign validation

When drafting a campaign, once each format has been positioned in the media plan of the Campaign Manager, the involved influencers receive their allocated tasks and can accept it. You can see the overall campaign’s performances (total views, engagements, and impressions), assign a specific CPM on each format and then sell it directly to your client.

Automated reporting and real-time performance analysis

For total transparency, you can share a link allowing your client to follow the campaign in real time; from the media planning creation to the effective publication.

Agencies must use a comprehensive tool for managing, planning, monitoring and monetizing influence marketing campaigns. That’s why they use FameUS.

Why do advertising agencies need FameUS

Thanks to FameUS, agencies can sell influence marketing campaigns through organic contents without using external Influencer Marketing Platform.  They can sell Influencer campaign on a CPM basis.

Brands need their agency to use FameUS: Thanks to FameUS, a brand can now increase its real earned media value by using external audiences to grow its owned media value naturally. A brand can now be exposed without being considered as regular advertisement. A brand can see how people react during engaging content consumption instead of advertising media consumption. A brand can now buy organic content on guaranteed performances while using its advertising budget instead of the marketing one. A brand can validate and follow every aspect of the campaign in real time for total transparency

    Influencers need to connect with an agency on FameUS: Thanks to FameUS, they can work closely with agencies without being trapped among thousand of others publishers/influencers. Their content production and publication activity are being really valorized on all social networks. They can partner with top brands without having to approach them by themselves. They can access unique KPI’s and see what type of post they should focus on to beat the algorithm. They can invite and manage their teams to execute campaigns efficiently. They will receive a way more campaigns to execute than in any other Influencer Marketing Platform. Finally, they will be rewarded for what they really do: creating content.

    Check out this article to learn more about FameUS features!

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