About FameUS

FameUS SAS is a technology company that develops software for advertising agencies.

What we do

FameUS is developing a SaaS solution that enables advertising agencies to convert any social pages (media or influencers) into a ready to sell organic advertising inventory.

Our story

FameUS SAS is a french company that was founded in 2017 by Valentin Galudec, Nicolas Camilli and Elliot Gouy. FameUS SAS is part of OWL SAS.

Our vision

We aim to revolutionize the way advertising agencies must today respond to the needs of brands while integrating a seamless and adaptive work environment in their processes.

Valentin Galudec

Cofounder, CEO

Paul Brunier


Nicolas Camilli

Cofounder, CTO

Edouard Level

Advisor, COO

Elliot Gouy

Cofounder, Software Engineer

Damien Franco